UPS Doraville GA



Bidding Closed

Bid Date5/27/24 4:00pm




3930 Pleasantdale Road Doraville, GA 30340

Brief Project Description: Developing site to accommodate two temporary 90 car villages to help UPS with upgrades to existing building. Site

2. Site Construction
2-b Demolition (Interior or Exterior) Yes- Site Demo
2-c Erosion Control Yes
2-d Sitework, Grading Yes- Please include demoing bollards, and concrete paving where shown/ Please include 12" PCC Base
2-m Landscaping Yes- Please include Sodding disturbed locations in landscaping areas
2-q NPDES Monitoring Yes
2-r Surveying Yes- Please include asbuilts
2-s Construction Material Testing Yes

3. Concrete
3-a Soil Treatment Yes
3-b Concrete Material Yes, 4000 PSI with Fibermesh / Estimated CY: 100 CY
3-c Concrete Labor Yes
3-d Concrete Turnkey Proposals Yes
3-g Rebar / Wire Mesh Yes

5. Metals
5-a Building Steel Material Yes- New Bollards
5-c Building Steel Turnkey Yes- New Bollards

7. Thermal and Moisture Protection
7-k Caulking Yes- Joint Sealants
7-l Moisture Protection Yes- Joint Sealants

16. Electrical
16-d Electrical Turnkey Yes- Please include excavation and backfilling electrical trenche