Renovate Hangar Building 295 Vienna Center, OH



Bidding Closed

Bid Date5/23/24 12:00pm




3976 King Graves Rd Vienna Center, OH 44473

Scope of Work: 
Refer to all SOW's, Drawings, Specifications, RFI's and Uploaded Documents 
for a Complete Understanding of this Request. 

Refer to Amendment #01 for Changes in the Specifications, 

The project will selectively demolish approximately 585 square feet of an 
existing mechanical mezzanine in Building 295 Hanger. 

A new steel catwalk will be installed at approximately the same elevation as the 
mechanical mezzanine to access existing electrical panels and distribution equipment.  

Design and Construction will be in accordance with all National, State, and Local Building Codes, 
Air Force regulations and the Statement of Work. 

The existing mechanical equipment will be relocated as required by new catwalk layout. 

The plumbing systems/equipment will be reconfigured as required to accommodate new renovation layouts. 

Fire Protection:
The Fire Suppression System will be reconfigured to meet Fire Codes. 

The electrical System/equipment will be reconfigured to accommodate the new catwalk layout and meet electrical code requirements