Caliber Collision Northport, AL

New Construction


Bidding Closed

Bid Date1/17/23 2:00pm




2000 Trade Center Drive, Northport, AL 35476

We believe that the fire alarm system, as shown, will not meet code given the city of Northport’s requirements. Are we to submit a bid based on what is currently shown? Or has some variance/exception from the city been given to allow us to install as shown?  The fire alarm specifications indicated on the plans is Caliber Collision’s minimum design criteria.  No special exceptions have been given for this project, the fire alarm contractor shall be responsible for a full code-compliant fire alarm system complying with any local requirements.

All 4 cuts on sheet A3.1 show the EIFS on the back side of the parapet walls going down to the roof over metal lathe. In order to do that the EIFS would have to be mechanically fastened, screwing into the metal panels creating a potential for future water intrusion. Will this remain as drawn or will there be TPO installed in Lieu of the EIFS?  The attached detail from Dryvit is their installation over metal backing panel for metal building construction.  Per Dryvit the metal lath will need to be installed with gasketed fasteners.