Cedar Lake Pump Station Reconstruction Pineville, LA



Bidding Closed

Bid Date2/21/23 2:00pm




Pineville, LA 71360

Work includes, but is not limited to, the following: The project includes demolition of the existing pump station. New construction includes R.C. wet pit, lower level spread footings and piers, upper level concrete pad, (2) 90 HP dry weather submersible pumps with motors, (2) 250 HP wet weather submersible pumps with motors, all VFD controlled; new 14" D.I. discharge piping, fittings, valving, etc.; 18" D.I. discharge piping and fittings and connection to existing 18" SFM; 12" D.I. discharge for future by-pass including piping, fittings, valving, valve vault with hatch, connection to new 18" D.I. discharge, etc.; 350kW natural gas fired back-up generator enclosed in a new metal building including intake and exhaust dampers, muffler, silencer, wall thimble, thermal protection, exhaust fan, etc.; metal hand rails, metal guard rails, metal stairs and landings with heavy duty steel grating; structural steel superstructure with trolley hoist for pump lifting; new influent wet pit/sewer manhole with S.S. sluice gate, concrete top and hatch; new 20" D.I. gravity sewer influent; reconstruction of existing sewer manhole top; site water and natural gas including all related piping, fittings, valving, regulator, backflow prevention, hose bibbs; site security fencing and gates; stone access surfacing; complete electrical for pump controls, gen set transfer, metal building lighting, power, site lighting, etc.