Dayton Boulevard Condos Red Bank, TN

New Construction


Bidding Closed

Bid Date10/19/23 5:00pm




1109 Dayton Blvd., Chattanooga, TN 37405

DESCRIPTION: A new 39,061 sf condominium project including grading, site utilities & storm, retaining walls, paving, striping & signage, landscaping, fencing, concrete, rebar, masonry, structural steel fabrication and erection, siding, acm panels, millwork, caulking, overhead doors, storefront & windows, drywall, acoustical ceilings, painting, ceramic tile, vinyl flooring, carpet,  toilet accessories, plumbing, HVAC, fire sprinkler, electrical

This set has deleted sheets A702, A703, E105, E106, E205, E206, E305 and E306.
This set has modified sheets FP101, FP102, FP200, FP201 and M102.1.

Bid on Hold Pending Upcoming Coordination Plans

  1. Plumbing plans notes call for all water to be copper, is this correct?  Base Bid is to be copper for all water piping. Additionally, General Contractors may include a VE alternative PEX system for consideration.

  2. Plumbing plans notes call for waste/vent in plenums to be cast iron or plenum rated materials. What areas on this project are considered plenums?   Reference for cast iron waste / vents in plenums is a standard note. A/E’s current design does not include any return air plenums.

The fixture schedule on the plumbing drawings states that the owner is providing fixtures. Is he providing the fixtures shown in the selections on the ID drawings? If so is he also providing all the items that go with each fixture such as traps, supply lines, cut offs, etc.?  Sheet P301 , Fixture Schedule , Note 1 shall be revised to read, “Notes: 1. Fixture manufactures and models are identified on the Red Leaf Interiors Drawings and shall be provided & installed by the Plumbing Contractor including all associated cost for a fully operational plumbing system including but not limited to costs related to traps, supplies, valves, etc.”

The interior drawings have Types A, B and C units.  The attached shows which unit should be priced with each Type

From the Architect:

Adam Flowers is with Sesco Lighting.

He helped with the selection of the Basis of Design fixtures now shown in the Light Fixture Schedule.

His number is 423-710-0222.  Email is