Torrid 5830-B Selma, TX

Tenant Build Out


Bidding Closed

Bid Date8/30/23 12:00pm




8344 Agora Parkway, Space 130 Selma, TX 78154


1. DO NOT CONTACT Torrid, LLC., the property owner, the Architect, Engineer and/or consultants, landlord and/or

property manager directly.

a. Please submit any questions or request for information via email. No Phone Calls Please.

b. Please reference plan sheet numbers, details numbers, note numbers, etc. so that we may quickly

identify the item(s) in question.

c. Please submit bids and/or questions to

2. Please include the project name, store number and address as well as your contact information (name, phone,

email) on your proposal and in all email correspondence.

3. Please provide as much detail as possible in your proposal, line-item pricing is appreciated. At minimum,

separate trades and/or divisions.